10 Common Misconceptions About Being A Model

10 Common Misconceptions About Being A Model


General, 17th October 2015

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One topic that is clouded with mistaken beliefs is that of Modelling as a career. The first assumption that anybody has about Modelling is that it’s glamorous and it pays well, which is actually true! But there are various ‘misconceptions’ that tend to show modelling in bad light. Well let’s have a run through the most misunderstood things about the modelling industry.

1.         Pretty faces sail through

The most common belief. To be a model you must be good looking, with soulful eyes, the sharpest jawline, washboard abs etc. Sounds pretty obvious right? Guess what! Minus one to the assumers. Yes, it sounds pretty stupid but you don’t have to be a pretty face to be a model. Sure it can better your chances but it takes more than that. And if you have the rest of the package, looks don’t matter!

2.        The zero figure rules the roost

Firstly, there is no such thing as a zero figure! Size 0 does not exist, it’s only a maxim people use to describe somebody really thin. You need to vanish from the face of the earth to be zero figure. Secondly, and more importantly, no, you don’t need to be extremely skinny to be a model; there are models who are curvy as well. Not all clothes fit skinny people. And that’s what modelling is about, showcasing apparels and accessories. Someone needs to showcase those XL size brands.

3.         Models are plastic idealising barbie

Although it is true to some extent, because few models do get plastic surgeries in order to look more appealing on stage, the notion that majority of the models have fake features is false! Neither are models made to opt for plastic surgeries by their stylists or photographers.

4.        They cannot be intellectuals

Another common thing for people to say is that modelling does not require you to be intelligent and brainy. Although it doesn’t take a high IQ level to learn how to walk a ramp, the conception that brain plays no part is utterly wrong. To be successful at anything, you need to be smart! Models too need to be slick when it comes to taking decisions such as what contracts to sign or which deal can lead them to their big break. Also, if you are plain dumb you would probably get scammed long before.

5.        It’s easy money

Money…Yes! Easy… Not quite. Even though modelling does pay well…Really well! It definitely doesn’t pay easy! And not for everyone! If you consider shooting for 9-10 hours straight, changing into hundreds of outfits in a day and coming up with multiple trendy poses to be easy…okay. Also it takes time to find credible agencies that are ready to pay you a hefty amount. It takes almost same amount of hard work that a labourer puts in working at a construction site. Difference is, it pays 100x times more.

6.       You need to be taaaaalll! Like 6’1”

Of course you need to be tall. How else are those people sitting alongside the elevated ramp supposed to see you? But you don’t necessarily need to be 6 feet! It all depends on the designer and the type of clothes that they design. If it fits a 5 ft. 7 inch model just right, then it serves the required purpose. There are numerous number of models that range around this height. Not to forget heels, you can always wear heels.

7.        Modelling equals cat walking

Hear the word modelling and an image of a chick walking like a cat quickly comes to mind - another misconception that people have about this career. Modelling isn’t just ramp walking, there are different kinds of modelling that range from hand models to models who showcase their feet. Also a lot of models have never walked a runway, they perform photoshoots and appear on magazine covers, ever see them?

8.       Free clothes!!

Probably the biggest myth. This seems likely but let’s face it, bakers don’t go around eating their own cakes. Although that doesn’t completely apply here because the only reason models don’t keep clothes that they wear on the runway is because the designers won’t let them. Maybe if the model and the designer are really good friends, but otherwise no, this does not happen.

9.        Should be ready to reveal

Under the guise of being bold, most models are expected to compromise on their integrity and self-respect. But then again, freewill and choices are still alive. Also, there are plenty of other assignments that come your way

10.    Models are made beautiful on photoshop

Well, Photoshop is an amazing manipulation tool, and a lot can be made and done with it. Half of the weird random images that pop up now and again on social media are photo shopped. So there might be some truth to it, but then again if Photoshop was truly so magical, there wouldn’t be any ugly photos anymore. And we know we aren’t there just yet. So basically this is a misconception, Photoshop doesn’t make models beautiful. Just like, to have icing you need to have the cake first, or it’s just froth.

So now you know, modelling like any other profession that requires skill sets, hard work. If it was easy anybody with a decent haircut would make it. Modelling takes personality, confidence, passion, and years of perseverance. But in the end, it sure does pay off.