Top 10 Facts About The Oscar Awards That Are Sure To Amaze You

Top 10 Facts About The Oscar Awards That Are Sure To Amaze You


General, 24th February 2016

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 Top 10 Facts About The Oscar Awards That Are Sure To Amaze You

Now that the ostentatious Academy Awards are around the corner and the craze has already begun, we thought of adding up some more excitement to the ongoing Oscars season. Well, did you know this most coveted award tradition began way back in 1920s; and can you guess who was the most popular Animator nominated for the Oscars several times?

We’ve put together all these facts here. Check it out!

1.         The Academy secretary Margaret Herrick, had once said that the gold plated statue appeared to be like her uncle Oscar and the name is been ruling till date.

2.        Oscar winners do not really get to own the trophies, they need to sign an agreement stating that should they wish to sell their statuettes going forward, they should first offer it to the Academy for $1.

3.        Post the tragic World War 2, winners were presented the statues made of plaster instead of gold plated. This was just to mark the war effort.

4.        The Academy has strictly enacted the 45 seconds speech rule. Speeches that go longer than the stated time are cut off by the orchestra music. They have come up with this rule as during 2002 awards, a speech went on for around four hours!

5.        The vibrant glittering red carpet that is laid during the event, is a whopping 600 feet long.

6.       Tatum O’Neal was the youngest artist to win the best actor award for Paper Moon. He was just 10.

7.        The very first Academy Awards ceremony was held in May 1927 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It went on for only 30 minutes.

8.       Lord of the rings, Return of the king won all the 11 awards for which it was nominated in the year 2003.

9.       The gold-plated Oscars statue trophy is around 34 cms tall and weighs up to 4 kgs.

10.     Last but not the least, our beloved Animator and Producer, Walt Disney has taken home most Oscars in his 86 year long career journey. He had been nominated for around 59 awards and won 26 out of them.

We’re sure this has just made up your day. In case you know something more fascinating about the Oscars which we didn’t include, come forward and share it with us.


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