Preparing For Auditions

Preparing For Auditions


General, 16th March 2017

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Want to realize your dream to be an actor? The most important asset for an actor is to be an organized learner and to be patient. 


An audition is the most important part for a performer and good preparation will reduce stress and help focus.


Let us look at some helpful pre-audition tips:


Gather complete information about the audition

·         The address of the venue /time of audition/time limit

·         Whether the audition is being held locally or in another state

·         What sort of performance is expected from a participant?

·         Any specific skill set required

·         Dress code/makeup specifics if any

·         The auditioning group/studio 

·         Copies of resume, Identity proof and photos

·         Tapes of previous works/auditions

·         Know if it is a panel or audience audition

·         Theatre experience details

·         Requirement of an artist card

Know what is expected at the audition

·         What is the performance expected at the audition

·         What does the monologue say

·         Know writer’s point of view

·         Ask and clear doubts if any

·         Relax, talk less and act out the scene

·         Smile

At the auditions

·         Reach the venue early and settle down with the dress and makeup in place as required

·         Register and wear the ID batch provided with participant number,

·         Be at your best behavior and focus to retain positive energy

·         Dispel negative thoughts and self doubts or nervousness to give it your best shot

·         Take along a copy of the script to practice while you wait your turn to audition

·         Talk less and ask questions to clear doubts

·         Carry identification details if required

·         Do not keep the day reserved for any other work except the audition to accommodate delays, changes or next level selections

Practice and polish

·         Prepare a good introduction

·         Memorize the monologues

·         Practice your walk, stance, body posture

·         Smile, feel confident

·         Practice in front of family, friends, and mentors

·         Seek advice, feedback and constructive criticisms

·         Read up about others experiences from casting directors, acting school teachers etc

·         Revisit personality development tips, breathing techniques etc

·         Take notes as every audition teaches you something

Diet and exercise

·         Take care of your physical being

·         Eat healthy on the day of audition

·         Learn and practice good breathing methods to avoid nervousness

·         Drink water and stay hydrated

·         Get normal relaxed sound sleep


And do remember - success is nothing but better preparation and confident execution. Go ahead – give it your best shot.