Faq's & Help

What is starkut.com?

Starkut.com is a ‘Talent Aggregation’ web platform, to bridge the gap between Talents and the Opportunity Providers in the Media and Entertainment Industry allowing the members to showcase their credentials, network and seek and post opportunities within the sector.

Talents from more than 30 categories in the media and entertainment industry like Actors, Models, Singers, Dancers etc and Opportunity Providers like Film Production houses, Advertising Agencies, Event Organisers, Corporates etc can participate on Starkut.

Starkut is founded by professionals from advertising and media & entertainment industry.

To know how Starkut works, please see the ‘How Starkut works?’ video on our home page. See now

Why should you become a Starkut member?

Well, the whole wide world is on the world wide web. Even opportunities have slowly gone digital and are picking up pace. Media in itself thrives on the internet with the growth of channels like Youtube, Vimeo etc. Starkut is here to help bridge the gap between Talents and Talent-Seekers, and acts as a facilitator for various media related professionals to get noticed, connected and find right opportunities within record time.

Amongst all of this, Starkut allows -

  • Talents to create their detailed profile along with their portfolio/s of Photos, Videos and Sound Files.
  • Talents build a showcase of their skills, experience, interests etc. Also provides incentive to network with other Talents or Talent-Seekers on Starkut.
  • Talent to look for opportunity in opportunity section and can apply to opportunities.

Why should Opportunity Providers become Starkut members?

Equipped with user-friendliness at the helm, Starkut simplifies the process for opportunity providers to reach out and find relevant talent. As opposed to any other platform, Starkut offers a dedicated dashboard which helps in handling an end-to-end process for shortlisting, recruiting talents and other such functions

  • Opportunity Providers can search for Talents in the Talent Listing page. Various useful and interesting filters have been provided that help in narrowing down the search results.
  • Opportunity Providers can shortlist Talents and communicate with them via Starkut.
  • Opportunity providers can post their requirements in the ‘Opportunity’ section which has an ‘Apply’ Tab feature, that helps in organizing and managing the received Applications.
  • Opportunity Provider can also create their detailed profile on Starkut. On the profile page they can also showcase show reel and list social links of their organization. This helps Talents to know about the Opportunity provider’s credentials.

How do you become a Starkut member?

Starkut is all about building a strong community of media, art and performing professionals. Connecting the right people with the right opportunities in the best time possible - that is the goal of Starkut. For this precise reason, features have been divided into comprehensive categories for users.

For Talents (Opportunity Seekers) - You register yourself either as one of the following categories –
1) Regular
2) Professional
3) Premium

For Talent Seekers (Opportunity Providers) - You can register in one of the following categories –
1) Regular
2) Premium

You can view the comparison of the benefits of various categories in the “Registration” section.

Are the services offered limited?

Yes, there are limits depending upon the type of subscription you choose. You can view details in registration section.

What happens if I hit the given limit(s)?

At any point of time you can upgrade to higher version of subscription. E.g. from Regular to Professional / Premium or from Professional to Premium.

How do I pay for subscription and services?

Payments can be done via Netbanking, Debit or Credit Cards of leading banks. You may avail EMI facilty on credit cards payments, from respective banks, subject to terms and conditions.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes. You can upgrade your membership at any time. Upgrade now

Who can view talent’s profile and their personal details such as contact details etc.?

All members as well as visitors can view your profile. Your personal details such as email id, telephone number will be treated as confidential and will not be available for anyone to view. Registered Members can contact you only via Starkut messaging system. A notification of this message will come to your registered email ID. Sharing your personal contact details with any member is purely at your discretion.

Will I get any notification each time a new opportunity is listed?

Yes, of course.

Email notifications arrive on your registered email ID for new opportunities that get listed. The notifications conform to Talent Categories that you have opted/subscribed for.

Who can follow me and to whom can I follow on Starkut?

Since community building is the focus, there are no restrictions on following of members. All you need to do is register and have an account with us. Both paid and free members can follow each other.

Can I edit my profile?

Your profile is yours to own. You can edit your profile at any time. While editing some features like Talent Category and Network are subject to the subscription plan chosen.

What if I wish to subscribe to more than one Talent category and Network?

As a ‘Regular’ member you can choose 1 Talent Category and 1 Network. To choose multiple talent categories and networks, you need to upgrade your account to any of paid subscriptions. Go there now

Can I see who all have viewed my profile?

Yes you can see who all have viewed your profile. But you can see list of only the registered members that have viewed your profile. Only Premium category members can avail this facility.

Can I showcase my profile updates on to my Social Media Profiles?

Yes all members can authorize their updates to be shared on their social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube.

How different is this Newsfeed in Starkut?

The Newsfeed is a real time public update on portal. When a user posts any update, multimedia or messages, it is displayed here. It runs in chronological order as of now.
You can also continue to post updates to all your followers through this section, including Youtube Link videos and photographs. In addition to this you will also receive posts for opportunity listings and blogs etc in this section

Can I check the subscription type of another member?

Yes. You can check the subscription in the respective member’s profile.

Can I check the subscription type of opportunity provider in opportunity post?

Yes. You can check the subscription in the respective opportunity providers post.

Is the start date and end date mandatory while posting any opportunity?

Yes, the start date and end date is mandatory while posting any opportunity.

Can I know how many applicants have applied to Opportunity Post?

Yes. In opportunity details page you can see how many have applied to that post.

How do I upload my videos, images and sound files?

You can upload profile photo, cover photo & portfolio images in ‘my profile’ section. To upload videos and sound files paste a Youtube link and soundcloud link respectively in upload portfolio section.

What should be the resolution of the images I upload?

You need to upload good quality images on the website with a resolution of at-least 1024 pixels.

Is there any restriction on the upload of images, videos and sound files?

Yes. There are limits depending upon the type of subscription you choose. You can view details in registration section. Go there now

Can I use Starkut on my mobile / Tab

Yes, you can use it on your Tablet device (Tab). Also very soon you will be able to experience Starkut on your mobile devices.

Can I apply for opportunities on-line?

This facility is available only for paid members.

How do I view & apply to opportunities?

You can view opportunities in the ‘Opportunities’ section on the top menu. On clicking on the listed opportunity tab you can view opportunity details. To apply for any particular opportunity, you just need to click on the ‘Apply’ tab on the right side of that opportunity.

As a Talent on which page would my profile would be listed?

You profile will be listed on following criteria.

  • For Talents:
    1st Level – Only Featured
    2nd Level – Premium (with more Likes, Views and recommendations in Descending order)
    3rd Level – Professional (with more Likes, Views and recommendations in Descending order)
    4th Level – Regular (FREE) (with more Likes & Views Descending order)

*Starkut reserves the right to change or alter the profiles within levels.

Is there any advantage in listing position of my profile in case of upgrade of membership to a paid one?

Yes. When you upgrade to Paid Membership, your profile will automatically shift to the respective Level.

What does featured talent mean?

Starkut reserves the right of listing talent in the featured category or upgrading any talent in the featured category. A separate communication would be established with those who can feature or be upgraded as featured talent.

Is there any age restriction for becoming a Starkut member?

As with any other procedure, we expect users to be fully aware and responsible members. Therefore, 18 years is the eligibility criteria. In case of child artists, guardians or parents can register on their behalf

If we are a group and not an individual how do we register as Talent?

One Individual Group Leader/Owner can register on behalf of the Group.

Will I get intimation about expiry of my subscription?

Yes, you will receive and email from Starkut before the expiry of your subscription. But it is recommended that you remember the end date of your subscription. You can view the same in my billing section.

What if I do not renew or forget to renew my paid subscription on time?

If you do not renew your paid subscription on time, your paid membership status will be changed to Regular (Free) subscription until the time that you pay again to renew the same. Benefits attached to only the Regular membership facility will be extended to you.

Does Starkut guarantee of selection for any listed Talent or applied Opportunity?

Starkut does not guarantee selection for any listed Talent or an applied Opportunity. Starkut is only a platform to network, showcase profiles and to view or post opportunities.

How can I terminate my subscription at any given point?

You can terminate your subscription any time. Just write to us at info@starkut.com and we will terminate your subscription. In case of paid subscription no refund will be given for the remaining subscription period. On termination Starkut may delete all the information/data related to your account. It is recommended to take back-up before informing us about termination.

How do I voice my grievances if any?

Write to us at grievances@starkut.com. We will definitely hear you out.