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Anmol Ramgiri has a zest to wear a character and bring it to life in the most efficient way possible. He has the ability and determination it takes to go deep into a role and get it out in front of the audience or camera. He has been a paid YouTube channel host in the past and has some small clips shot for home entertainment.

Genuinely, he hasn't officially entered the acting world but is finding a way into it. He is a fresh face and has a lot to learn.

The ever-changing nature of the work which lets him live different lives at different points of time is the characteristic that drives his acting passion.

He has had exposure to a lot of lives:
He has been a clever student, a dropout,
An ordinary employee, a team lead,
A volunteer, an event coordinator,
An observer, a writer.
The idea here is that he has had an opportunity to experience many lives and hence is a good observer which helps in his prep for a role.

He has a sincere attitude and at the same time can humor you.
He can work in languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, and Telugu.
Movies, Storytelling, Acting, Fitness, Culinary, Table Tennis, Cricket, Music, Yoga, Meditation, Personality Developement, Spirituality, Writing, Hosting